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Special10 unit MDB Control for Suwanapoom Airport
Application:MDB supply for Scan x-ray for Suwanapoon Airport
Industrial: Air Port
Location:Bangna-Trad Rd. , Bangkok, Thailand
Scope:Year 2005, Design + Supply MDB panel with-out installation
We are using "SIEMENS" circuit breaker with local cabinet to control and protection X-Ray machine totally 10 panel, finished and approved before July 2005

"SIEMENS" Variable Speed Drives 3AC 380-480 VAC 160 kW/250 HP
Applicate: Blower for gas burning systems 
Industrial: Petrochemical 
Location:MapThaPhud, Rayong Thailand
Scope:Design + Supply + Installation + Commissioning
The old systems using Master Drives emergency shut down need to be replacement within 1 dayinstallation and startup successful.

Application   : Blower for gas burnning tower 
Industrial      : Oil & Gas Petrochemical  
Location        : MapThaPhud, Rayong Thailand
Scope        : Year 2005, Design+Supply + Installation + Commissioning build up new  stand cabinet, removed from old systems by upgrade increasing capacity of production....More detail click here

Scope           :  Design + Supply + Installation + Commissioning
Application   :  HVAC Systems Chiller Pump + Fan Cooling Tower
Industrial     : Office High rise Building
 Location      : Rachadaphisek Rd., Dindang , Bangkok, Thailand
We are using SIEMENS Micromaster MM430 automatic control by sequencing start 2 VSDs control 4 pump motor 45 kw and 1 VSD control 3 cooling 11 kW motor with temperature close loop PID control, Project very good finished in December  2006...More detail click here

Special design Energy Saving motor3AC 380 VAC 11 kW
Scope ;Design + Supply + Installation+ Commissioning
Application; Fan cooling tower
Industrial; Office High rise Building
Location ;Vibhavadee Rd. , Bangkok, Thailand
We are using SIEMENS Micromaster MM430 automatic control by sequencing start 1 VSDs control3 cooling motor tower with temperature close loop PID control,Project very good finished in Febuary 2006


SIEMENS 4 Unit 3AC 380 VAC, Remote controlfor conveyor

Scope;Design + Supply + Installation+ Commissioning 
Application ;Process of production conveyor line systems 
Industrial ; General chemical
Location ; Lamchabang Industrial, Cholburi Thailand
Our scope replacement old VS motor with 3 day take of and replacement new VSD for conveyor of production line with new remote control.

Scope ;Design+Supply +Commissioning
Application;Turn TableExhibition 
Industrial ; Motor exhibition show
Location ;BiTECH Exhibition center, Bangkok
We are design turn table daimeter 5.6 m, speed 2-10 rpm. Weight <3 ton using motor gear + "SIEMENS" MM420 VSD with two-way remote control left-right and speed monitoring control, Picture show "NISSAN" car value more than 70 Million Baht, Project smoot allof motor show in March 2006. 

Volume          : More than 3 Million Baht on 2007
Application   : Blower for Boiler systems
Industrial      : PetroChemical industrial
Location        : MapThapd, Muang Rayong THAILAND 
Scope        : Year 2008, Supply + consultants
Motor made in Germany, We are supply with 2 unit coupling to "EUROVENT" Blower made in Thailand for Boiler application in PTT Project...More detail click hear

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