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Northern Bio Gas (NBL) Biogas Engine generator 1.5MWx4set.
Project Northern Bio Gas  Plant.

                                                      ►  Biogas Engine generator 1.5MWx4set.
                                                      ►  MV 22kV Transmission line & Riser pole.
                                                      ►  MV 22kV Switchgear
                                                      ►  LV Motor Control Center (MCC)
                                                      ►  DCS/PLC/SCADA

Honda : Tri-Generator Gas Engine 1x3.349 MWe Power Plant

          GE Jenbacher gas engines and Tinamics Co., Ltd. And companies within the energy company Limited carry out the design, installation, adjustment, testing, including training usage in electrical systems and control systems, project value of approximately 13 million baht, such as MV System (22 kV) LV system, control system and instrument, PLC / Scada and MDB panel, MCC panel, Cap Bank panel.


Bio Lab : Co-Generator Gas Engine  1x1.0MWe. Power Plant

          The production of modern medicine and the production of drugs both at home and abroad require the use of electricity in power plants (power plants) require the safety of the electricity system) for use in increased production processes. The main contractor, Energy Company Limited, provides electrical systems consisting of


-  Electrical system design
-  Design of measurement equipment collection system (System control of tools)
-  System design and system integration (Synchronization & Interface System)
-  Communication system design (Communication system)
-  Lighting and electrical outlet design (Lighting and supporting systems)
-  Fire alarm system design and gas leak detector
-  Grounding system design
-  Installation and procurement of electrical systems, media and telegraphic systems for all projects

Special10 unit MDB Control for Suwanapoom Airport
Application:MDB supply for Scan x-ray for Suwanapoon Airport
Industrial: Air Port
Location:Bangna-Trad Rd. , Bangkok, Thailand
Scope:Year 2005, Design + Supply MDB panel with-out installation
We are using "SIEMENS" circuit breaker with local cabinet to control and protection X-Ray machine totally 10 panel, finished and approved before July 2005

"SIEMENS" Variable Speed Drives 3AC 380-480 VAC 160 kW/250 HP
Applicate: Blower for gas burning systems 
Industrial: Petrochemical 
Location:MapThaPhud, Rayong Thailand
Scope:Design + Supply + Installation + Commissioning
The old systems using Master Drives emergency shut down need to be replacement within 1 dayinstallation and startup successful.

Application   : Blower for gas burnning tower 
Industrial      : Oil & Gas Petrochemical  
Location        : MapThaPhud, Rayong Thailand
Scope        : Year 2005, Design+Supply + Installation + Commissioning build up new  stand cabinet, removed from old systems by upgrade increasing capacity of production....More detail click here

Scope           :  Design + Supply + Installation + Commissioning
Application   :  HVAC Systems Chiller Pump + Fan Cooling Tower
Industrial     : Office High rise Building
 Location      : Rachadaphisek Rd., Dindang , Bangkok, Thailand
We are using SIEMENS Micromaster MM430 automatic control by sequencing start 2 VSDs control 4 pump motor 45 kw and 1 VSD control 3 cooling 11 kW motor with temperature close loop PID control, Project very good finished in December  2006...More detail click here

Special design Energy Saving motor3AC 380 VAC 11 kW
Scope ;Design + Supply + Installation+ Commissioning
Application; Fan cooling tower
Industrial; Office High rise Building
Location ;Vibhavadee Rd. , Bangkok, Thailand
We are using SIEMENS Micromaster MM430 automatic control by sequencing start 1 VSDs control3 cooling motor tower with temperature close loop PID control,Project very good finished in Febuary 2006


SIEMENS 4 Unit 3AC 380 VAC, Remote controlfor conveyor

Scope;Design + Supply + Installation+ Commissioning 
Application ;Process of production conveyor line systems 
Industrial ; General chemical
Location ; Lamchabang Industrial, Cholburi Thailand
Our scope replacement old VS motor with 3 day take of and replacement new VSD for conveyor of production line with new remote control.

Scope ;Design+Supply +Commissioning
Application;Turn TableExhibition 
Industrial ; Motor exhibition show
Location ;BiTECH Exhibition center, Bangkok
We are design turn table daimeter 5.6 m, speed 2-10 rpm. Weight <3 ton using motor gear + "SIEMENS" MM420 VSD with two-way remote control left-right and speed monitoring control, Picture show "NISSAN" car value more than 70 Million Baht, Project smoot allof motor show in March 2006. 

Volume          : More than 3 Million Baht on 2007
Application   : Blower for Boiler systems
Industrial      : PetroChemical industrial
Location        : MapThapd, Muang Rayong THAILAND 
Scope        : Year 2008, Supply + consultants
Motor made in Germany, We are supply with 2 unit coupling to "EUROVENT" Blower made in Thailand for Boiler application in PTT Project...More detail click hear

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