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Geared Motors for Every Electrical Drive Task

We offer you the complete range of components and solutions for drive technol- ogy. Our product portfolio contains a comprehensive program of electrical drive motors. In an output range of 0.09 to 45 kW (customized to 200 kW), we cover all the usual transmission types for all possible applications – including mo- tors with helical-geared, helical bevel, offset, helical worm, and worm geared motors.
The cost-effective solution
Many applications are operated at low speeds, typically between 15 and 300 rpm. However, depending on the number of poles and the frequency, the rota- tional speed of an electrically driven motor connected direct to the mains supply is between 750 and 3,600 rpm. For low rotational speed and high output torque, it pays off to use geared motors in all cases, i.e. the integration of a three-phase motor and a gearbox. Because while frequency inverters usually reduce the rotational speed, an increase in the output torque can only be achieved economically with geared motors. Our gearboxes are also combined via special end shields with energy saving motors of efficiency class EFF2 in order to increase your economic benefit.

Wide range of applications
Geared motors from Siemens round off the range of drive tasks, especially for the manufacturing and processing industries. The main areas of application are to be found in conveyor systems, as used for example in logistics centers, high-bay warehouses, production lines in the automobile industry, transport systems at airports, packaging machinery, and also in the printing and paper industry. Thanks to their easy integration, geared motors cover a wide range of applications, and they comply with all international regulations for global use.

Tailor-made gearboxes
With our program of geared motors, we offer you all commonly available ver- sions and installation types in a modular system. Thanks to the modular instal- lation concept, our motors can be flexibly expanded at any time by, e.g. mount- ing an encoder, brake or additional fans. Our comprehensive catalog range has the right geared motor for all requirements – just a few mouse clicks away, at any time of the day. And if you have a special drive task that is not covered by our standard program, we will, of course, implement a tailor-made solution for you.

Easy selection and configuration
So that you can find the right geared motor for your application with speed and certainty, we offer you the SGMDesigner – a user-friendly selection and config- uring tool. This program guides you step-by-step through the selection possi- bilities and optional versions in a self-explanatory and easily understood way. In different selection modes, you can choose whether you want to configure your geared motor by entering technical specifications, or search for the motor using already calculated geared motor data. Having chosen a geared motor, you only have to enter the order number, and the SGMDesigner will show you immediately the technical data, dimension sheet, CAD data for further proces- sing, and the list price information.

Part of Totally Integrated Automation
Thanks to the integration of the geared motors into Totally Integrated Automa- tion® (TIA), low-cost integrated system solutions can be implemented using dovetailed components from a single source. Thus our geared motors are compatible, for example, with our comprehensive MICROMASTER® and SINAMICS® ranges of inverters.

Distributed drive systems
It goes without saying that our geared motors also support distributed installa- tions. With ECOFAST® – the system for distributed connections – the motors can be integrated simply and safely into distributed installations. The integrated and standardized fast connection system guarantees that your plant is ready for operation as quickly as possible – and in degree of protection IP65, because ECOFAST dispenses with laborious connections and banishes the danger of connection errors. It also guarantees easy maintenance of the individual mod- ules since the power supply and the communications level can be disconnec- ted separately without bringing the entire plant to a standstill.
With the ECOFAST ES software, we offer you an additional practical tool for fast and safe configuring of your plant, with all the necessary components. You can get our geared motors ready configured as a unit with attached MICROMASTER 411 inverter – for mounting close to the motor or on the motor. So you can fully exploit all the economic benefits of distributed drive solutions.

The benefits at a glance
  Gear types for every drive task
  High torque at low speed
  Available with attached inverter head
  Space-saving thanks to compact design
  Selection and configuring tools including 3D CAD tool
  Complete and integrated automation and drives technology (Totally  Integrated Automation) from one single source
  High transmission ratio range
  Flexible in use thanks to different designs, fixing methods and modular principle
  System solutions for decentralization and cost reduction

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