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SIRIUS 3RW40 for Standard Applications

SIRIUS 3RW40 is not simply a new product in our SIRIUS family of soft starters; it is the star among our standard soft starters. Thanks to its innovative control method, it is not just the only 2-phase-controlled soft starter in the world for use in the power range up to 250 kW (at 400V); because of its especially compact design, it is also the smallest and ensures a space-saving, clear layout in the control cabinet. It is therefore more than a mere addition to our 2-phase-controlled series of SIRIUS 3RW30/31 soft starters.

The advantages at a glance
Uniform connecting system
Space-saving, clear layout in the control cabinet thanks to small, compact design
Inherent protection and protection against motor overload without additional wiring
Avoidance of peak inrush current thanks to adjustable current limitation
Simple and fast commissioning
Certified according to ATEX standards
a Large Range of Functions for a Small Price

Thanks to its outstanding functions, the SIRIUS 3RW44 all-round talent handles difficult start-up and deceleration processes in a simple and, above all, gentle manner. With its innovative torque control system, it can be used for drives with a power output up to 710 kW at 400 V in an inline circuit or up to 1200 kW at 400 V in an inside-delta circuit. Designed for simple handling, the functions are exceptionally easy to use.

The advantages at a glance
  Optimum acceleration due to torque control
  Simple and fast commissioning thanks to user-friendly display
  Savings in size and costs due to optional inside-delta circuit
  Simple integration in higher-level control units via PROFIBUS

A gentle approach is always the best.
Nowadays, three-phase motors represent the most favored type of drive concept. Direct starting or star-delta starting is, in many cases, not the best solution. Such methods often result in unpleasant side-effects such as mechanical impacts inside the machine or voltage dips in the power supply system.
Our new SIRIUS family of soft starters is a comprehensive range of products covering all the standard and high-feature motor-starting applications. The advantages of soft start-up and smooth ramp-down with these devices can therefore be exploited in the most varied of applications for simple and economically efficient machinery and equipment layouts.

SIRIUS 3RW30/31 Standard

Belt slip in heating blowers or the sudden build-up of water pressure in washing plants are only two of the many problems that can occur when motors output too much power immediately on being started. With the SIRIUS 3RW30/31 to 55 kW (at 400 V), you can reliably avoid such problems with your equipment from the start. And the best thing about this is that, because the SIRIUS 3RW30/31 is the only soft starter in the world with identical sizes within a family of devices, it is even possible to directly change over from direct to soft starting.

The advantages at a glance
  Soft start-up and smooth ramp-down
  Stepless starting
  Reduction of current peaks
  Less strain on the power supply system
  Reduction of the mechanical load in the operating mechanism

Tinamics ข้อมูลนำเสนอ 3RW30 ซอฟสตาร์ทเตอร์ / (Slide 3RW30 Soft Starter)
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Tinamics Soft Starter 3RW44 List Price
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