Low-Voltage Motors

Standard Motors – up to frame size 315L 
 IEC Standard motors from Siemens are characterized by their flexibility, ruggedness and energy efficiency. In general, all motors are suitable for converter-fed operation with line voltages of up to 500 V +10%. The motors are designed to fulfill the requirements of the European and international markets with an output range from 0.06 to 250 kW.



Non-Standard Motors – Frame size 315 and above 
The three-phase IEC motor series N compact covers outputs up to 1250kW (at 50Hz) in the non-standard range. A number of technical features provide this motor series its ruggedness and long service life and ensures the highest level of availability. These motors also are characterized by their high output for small frame size and extremely compact design that can be used to save space in a number of industrial applications. The N compact motors are optimized in terms of their efficiency, so they also contribute toward lower energy consumption.



Explosion-Proof Motors – ATEX 
 Siemens explosion-protected motors exceed basic safety requirements, operating reliably even under the most extreme conditions. In hazardous environments such as chemical plants, the oil industry or gas works, our rugged EEx motors comply with the strictest safety standards for the protection of life, machines and the environment. All explosion-protected motors from Siemens are tested by the German Federal Institute of Science and Technology (PTB) or German Coal and Still Technology Company (DMT).




Loher motors

Loher low-voltage motors have been specifically tailored to address extreme applications such as winch drives on the decks of ships, transporting and pumping natural resources from the depths of the sea, drilling units for tunnels and the mining sector, high and low temperature applications as well as especially production plants and machines located in hazardous areas in the chemical, petrochemical and oil & gas industries.
Loher motors are available in all of the usual types of protection - also in double protection where there is an especially high danger of explosion.