SIMATIC automation technology

SIMATIC is the tried and tested basic automation system for solving automation tasks in all sectors comprising standard components in hardware and software that keep all the options open for customized expansions.

The SIMATIC family comprises the following components that complement each other perfectly:

  • Programmable controllers
  • Distributed I/Os
  • Programming devices
  • SIMATIC Industrial Software
  • Micro Automation Sets
  • Component Based Automation
  • Machine Vision (see Sensors, Test and Measurement Technology)

SIMATIC controllers

From the small compact unit through the high-performance PLC as far as PC-based Control. SIMATIC controllers are available for every demand and every requirement, in every type and size.

They all share the same characteristics of high processing performance in the smallest possible space, ruggedness in the face of the harshest mechanical and climatic conditions, high speed and excellent expansion capability.

This graded performance capability is the strength of the SIMATIC family.

And in the meantime, the SIMATIC PLC is also performing functions for which you had to use completely differently technology in the past. This makes it all much easier, more compatible and more economical for you.

    Continuous innovation guarantees sustained market success for your machines and plants. And these innovation steps become easier if you can exploit previous investments for new machine generations too.

For this reason, we develop the SIMATIC Controllers continuously and compatibly – always keeping your current user requirements in view.

Siemens has been developing and manufacturing programmable controllers for more than 30 years. This experience is also reflected in the SIMATIC S7. Well over a million of the latest generation of innovative controllers are already in use around the world.

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