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  • The micro PLC that offers maximum automation at minimum cost.
  • Extremely simple installation, programming and operation.
  • Large-scale integration, space-saving, powerful.
  • Can be used both for simple controls and for complex automation tasks.
  • All CPUs can be used in stand-alone mode, in networks and within distributed structures.



  • Suitable for applications where programmable controllers would not have been economically viable in the past.
  • With outstanding real-time performance and powerful communication options (PPI, PROFIBUS DP, AS-Interface)

  • Digital Modules

  • Digital inputs/outputs to supplement the onboard I/Os of the CPUs
  • For flexible adaptation of PLC to respective task
  • For subsequent upgrading of the system with additional inputs and outputs
  • Function modules

    Function modules relieve the CPU of intensive computing tasks, such as positioning.

    Module range:

    • Positioning modules for stepper motors and servo motors
    Power supplies
    SITOP modular

    The controlled load power supply for the SIMATIC S7-200:

    • Harmonized in design and functionality with trouble-free integration in PLC network.
    • For reliable 24 V DC; 3.5 A power to controllers, encoders and sensors.
    • Flexible, whether in industrial or house-hold networks.

    LOGO!Power supplies are switched mode power supplies that match the functionality and design of the LOGO! logic modules optimally.

    SITOP smart

    Slimline universal power supplies

    Slimline dimensions, strong performance. This new range of power supplies requires approximately a third less width space on the top-hat rail than its predecessor and features excellent overload behavior. Numerous certifications permit universal use around the world.

    Analog modules
    • Analog inputs and outputs for the SIMATIC S7-200
    • With extremely short conversion times
    • For connections of analog sensors and actuators without additional amplifier
    • For solving the more complex automation tasks
    • Modem for conventional modem tasks in PLC applications
    • Communications processors for connecting the SIMATIC S7-22x to
      • MPI
      • AS-Interface (master)
      • PROFIBUS DP (slave)
      • Industrial Ethernet
    • Additional inputs and outputs for the S7-200
    Operator control and process monitoring

    The following devices are available for operator control and monitoring functions for the S7-200:

    • Text Display TD 200
    • Text Display TD 200C
    • Touch Panel TP 177micro
    • Operator Panel OP 73micro

    Accessories for SIMATIC S7-200:

    • PPI cable


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