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"SIEMENS" Decentralised Drive Technology

Cost-effective production and machine solutions must be tailored to your re- quirements. Engineering, simple installation and comprehensive functionality are decisive factors here. Distributed solutions are indispensable to modern automation. With distributed control, you can implement your requirements individually – and thus tap into valuable cost reduction potential, whether through reduced cabling overhead, lower configuring and installation costs, or during start-up and service. Whatever type of drive task you have, we‘ll find the right distributed solution for you, inside and outside the control cabinet. See for yourself.

Siemens offers you a host of possibilities for distributed configuration of your drive systems. Thanks to the consistently modular design of all components, our solutions lend themselves to speed of implementation, adaptability to new challenges and ease of retrofit or expansion.

From our low-voltage motors and geared motors, covering all common gearing types, through our SIMATIC ET 200S FC converter integrated into the distributed I/O, and the MICROMASTER 411 inverter that combines with the energy-saving EFF2 motor to form the economical COMBIMASTER 411, we offer space-saving solutions with a cost reduction of up to 30 % compared with conventional solutions. Or MICROSTARTER: the direct-on-line and reversing starter with communications capability is a space-saving solution mounted directly onto motors and has a power output of up to 4 kW and IP65 degree of protection. Or ECOFAST, of course: the simple connection technology. Integrated communi- cations are provided by PROFIBUS and AS-Interface. STARTER enables standardized and quick start-up. Why not discover what is already possible today?
Geared Motors

The three-phase motors installed in our geared motors have been optimally matched to the gear system and your applications. The range of motors en- compasses the sizes 63M to BG 225. Pole-changing versions are possible on request. If desired, we can also supply you with the motors with spring-operat- ed disc brakes as the operating brake, implemented as double-disc brakes operated by spring energy when not energized. The torque range of each brake variable can be reduced within certain limits.
Variable-speed drives for decentralised tasks

The latest generation of our MICROMASTER 411 fulfills all the requirements of distributed drive technology. It is modular, flexible, robust and completely integrated into Totally Integrated Automation. Combined with the energy-saving motor it forms the compact COMBIMASTER 411 drive unit - the ideal drive solution for decentrali- sed plants. Use it to create space in the cabinet, save on expensive cabling and provide options for future plant extensions. With the equipment options and variants available, your require- ments can be optimally implemented.

Siemens geared motors are the supplement to the motors and MICROMAS- TER 411/COMBIMASTER 411 inverters. The MICROMASTER 411 inverters can be combined with the 2KG geared motors as an option.

Sector-specific Motors
Smoke Extraction Motors

Our new certified smoke extraction mo- tors have been specially developed for buildings or construction sites with smoke control systems. This includes buildings frequented by the public in large numbers, such as discotheques, shopping centers, movie theaters, air- ports, enclosed car parks as well as industrial buildings, staircases, tunnels and so on. Our smoke extraction mo- tors can even cope with high ambient temperatures safely. In the event of an accident, they reduce the heat loading on the building and keep access and escape routes smoke-free.
The double-function motors operate as follows:
  As fan motor for operation under normal conditions
  Operation under fault conditions as fan motor at high ambient temperatures (200°C, 300°C, 400°C) and minimum operating time stipulated according to norm.
Temperature-time classification in accordance with EN 12101 -
3 June 2002
Minimum function duration
Achieved time


Sector-specific Motors
Marine Motors

Specially designed for use on ships below deck and for the offshore industry, our marine motors meet the require- ments of the leading classification authorities (BV, DNV, GL, LRS) and have type-test certificates up to 200 kW output. Acceptance testing can also be perfor- med for individual motors by a represen- tative of the marine classification author- ity on request.

Marine motors - Technical overview
Frame sizes
56M to 450
Output ranges
0.06 kW to 1000 kW
Construction types
All common construction types
50 Hz and 60 Hz
Number of poles
2-pole, 4-pole, 6-pole, 8-pole and pole-switching
≤ 690 V
Inverter-compatible ≤ 500 V


Sector-specific Motors
Roller Conveyor Motors

Process roller conveyors in reversing rolling mills are almost exclusively equipped with directly driven rollers today. This places high demands on the mechanical design of the drive. Our three-phase roller conveyor motors for inverter-fed operation were designed to satisfy these requirements. They are designed as totally enclosed asyn- chronous three-phase motors with a housing of spheroid graphite iron, ring ribs and strengthened bearing brackets.
Roller conveyor motors - Technical overview
Frame sizes 132M to 400
Output ranges 4 kW to 66 kW
Construction types IM B3
Frequency Inverter-fed up to 100 Hz
Number of poles 4-pole, 6-pole and 8-pole
Voltages ≤ 690 V
Inverter Inverter-compatible for voltage peak times ts > 0.1 µs at U = 500 V at the motor terminals.
Optionally at U ≤ 690 V

Customized Motors
Special Solutions

Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive range of standard motors for the most diverse applications in drive technology consistently based on the precept of being able to offer customers motors that are suitable for universal implementation, which provide improved operating performance and high ser- viceability. Despite this, many drive tasks demand a special design - i. e. drives that deviate often considerably from the standard design in active electrical per- formance or on the passive mechanical side. In cooperation with our custom- ers, we therefore develop technically and commercially optimized drive solu- tions: your drive tailor-made.
An excerpt from our long list of customized solutions:
  High speed drive for textile industry and compressors   Motors with enhanced power/ weight ratios   Liquid-cooled motors   Synchronous generators for spare- current sources   Motors for wood-processing equip- ment   Integrated motors for refrigerator compressors   Roller conveyor motors for rough- running, e.g. rollingmill drives   Pump motors with special shafts / special material
  Single-phase motors for industrial applications
  Lifting gear drives
  Motors for pumps with an integrated pump flange
And what does your special drive task look like?
Are you looking for a solution to an ex- tremely specific drive task? No prob- lem, our regional representatives in Germany and our branch offices worldwide are always at your service with advice and action. Just contact us without any commitment and we will definitely find the right solution.

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